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Harry is highly driven individual that wants nothing but the best for his students and team. He strives to ensure each child walks away with a smile and movement progression each session, whichever sport that may be.

Over his coaching career Harry has had national level gymnasts that have been ranked highly in competition. 


Harry has a huge passion for ensuring his students are focusing and achieving their own potential and concentrating on their own development and not worrying about been behind or in front of others, but also recognising and congratulating success when others achieve.

In his own time Harry loves to climb mountains, train in the gym and spend time looking for new crazy challenged to complete.



Jo is a huge asset to the HSSS team and has been coaching along side Harry for many years now. So, her coaching values are very similar.

She cares about every child that walks into her sessions and wants to see them develop mentally and physically for however long they may be with her.

Jo specialises in recreational, schools and pre-school gymnastics and PE. Her caring mannerisms and high quality knowledge of coaching younger children over the years shows in every sessions she steps foot in.

When Jo gets spare time she loves to head to the cinema with her family or walk her dog Tilly.



Georgia is a massive part of the HSSS coaching team. She does nothing but perform high quality sessions in mindfulness, yoga, gymnastics, multi-skills and fitness.

She lives up to the HSSS coaching values of developing happiness through movement progression as she is always on the ball and wanting the children moving and learning non-stop in her sessions.

In Georgias coaching career outside of HSSS she has taught high level gymnasts at the gymnastics club while coaching recreational gymnastics to children as young as 4.

In Georgias spare time she loves to go for walks with her dog Lola, head to the gym or out for a run and spend time with her children and husband.



William is one of our new coaches of 2023-2024. He has however been coaching alongside Harry at the local gymnastics club for over 4 years.

His knowledge is second to none and his ability to transfer his high level of knowledge into simple terms for children to understand is incredibly impressive.

Will loves to spend his spare time outdoors climbing mountains and in the gym training Powerlifting.

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