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Name Of Organisation: Harry Sheader Sports School

  1. The organisation is committed to providing a safe environment that will:

  2. The coach MUST provide Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate, Safeguarding Certificate, First Aid Certificate and Coaching Qualifications when asked by anybody we are providing service for.

  3. Harry Sheader Sports School sessions are all covered under their public liability insurance which can be shown on request.

  4. The coach MUST show respect to all members while coaching and in HSSS Uniform.

  5. The coach should respect the Behaviour Policy of the school/organisation they are in.

  6. The coach MUST use time efficiently in the best interest of the children been taught so each child reaches their full potential.

  7. The coach MUST NOT show favouritism to any individuals during time coaching with Harry Sheader Sports School.

  8. The coach MUST leave equipment that is part of the school the way they found it.

  9. The coach MUST show respect to all equipment used during and after the sessions.

  10. The coach MUST agree to follow the Risk assessments put in place by HSSS and the organisation/school they’re in.

  11. The coach MUST agree to completing a visual risk assessment for the area in line with HSSS/the organisation/the schools risk assessment prior to every session regarding the sport they will be teaching. If anything changes during the session a new visual risk assessment MUST be completed.

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