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Name Of Organisation: Harry Sheader Sports School

Summary of principles:

  1. HSSS Is committed to being a freelance sports provider that ensures equality and fairness treatment is managed correctly.

HSSS will:

  1. Ensure all policies and procedures reflect their commitment to equal opportunity.

  2. Integrate equal opportunity into the planning process.

  3. Create an ethos that shows fairness, courtesy and respect for HSSS coaches, and participants.

  4. Have an action plan of how to deal with any unfairness during any sessions ran by HSSS.

  5. Create a welcoming environment for all.

  6. Create another option for all pupils that cannot complete an exercise due to religion, disability etc.

  7. Ensure all members are treated fairly in respect of the nature of the HSSS objectives, regardless of their: Race, Colour, Nationality, National Origin, Sex, Gender, Martial Status, Family Responsibility, Ability, Physical Health, Mental Health, Age, Sexuality, Political Or Religious Beliefs, Socio-economic Group.

  8. Ensure all staff members and volunteers are included on a basis of their ability and requirement and not in a discriminatory manner.

  9. Ensure all fair treatment for all members.

  10. Ensure everyone has the opportunity to use HSSS.

  11. Monitor all of the above.

HSSS Staff ethos:

  1. We are expected to work in ways that promote equal opportunity.

  2. Create and seek an atmosphere that is tolerant and respectful of all members.

  3. Create opportunity for all pupils

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